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W52 1/25 22.5 10 Hole Wheel Set

Scenes Unlimited

  • $ 275

W52 1/25 22.5  10 Hole Wheels. 

Wheels are sold individually or in sets. Optional front hubs and optional drive hubs or trailer hubs.

Individual wheels include drum/wheel back, hub end cap, front hub and lug nut tray. Select 1 wheel from drop down menu, add to cart then select desired quantity at check out.

To select sets use the drop down menu.

Choose the style of front hubs from the drop down menu.

Set #1 and includes 10 22.5  10 hole wheels, 4 drum/wheel backs, 4 hub end caps, 2 front hubs and lug nut trays.

Set #2 includes Set #1 plus 8 Bridgestone 285/75 drive tires and 2 285/75 front steer tires. 

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