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C01 Reese Style Trailer Hitch

Scenes Unlimited

  • $ 950

1/25 resin 11 piece  REESE STYLE TRAILER HITCH C01. It comes with Left and Right side bracket, cross bar, 2 “L” mounting brackets, 4 “strap” mounting brackets, 6” drop receiver and a 2” drop receiver.  The side brackets can be trimmed for desired drop of the crossbar under the bumper . The side brackets can also be trimmed for things like exhaust/hangers, shackle boxes and spare tire hangers.  The cross bar is extra long and can be trimmed to fit most frames widths. The mounting bracket can also be trimmed and sectioned for use on most frames as well. With the side brackets, mounting brackets and crossbar all being separate, this trailer hitch can be mounted to most frames. All photos showing truck and frame are for reference only and are NOT part of this sale.

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