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B01 Brake Shoe Assembly

Scenes Unlimited

  • $ 475

Resin 1/25 scale BRAKE SHOE ASSEMBLIES B01. These casts are very detailed. The part shows both left and right shoes , pivot pin washer, wheel cylinder, half moon adjustment cable washer(left side), retaining clips, adjustment wheel and adjustment arm. These brake shoe assemblies have been redesigned and now come with (2) optional spindles for the fronts. The springs , adjustment cable and pivot pin(top) are not  included, but are not hard to make. The springs are made of 0.008 dia. brass wire and the adjustment cable is 0.002 dia. brass wire. Pivot pin is make from a regular size straight pin. Shown in the pictures are a set with the springs and one with the spindle.  These brake assemblies add great looking detail to a garage scene or a car on blocks. Comes in a set of 4.

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